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It is important for us to be able to sift through information and choose only trust resources to get acquainted with news and any political moments. If you have trouble finding appropriate sources for research, you can always order an essay, and not worry about evaluation.

Read a follow up article in Atlanta INtown Paper profiling Orion’s multisensory and experiential educational approach called “Going Batty at the Orion School”.

An AJC Pulse article called “Serving Complex Students” explains how therapists consult at Orion to help our students achieve academic success!

Kids Enabled magazine profiles what a miraculous place the Orion School is in an article called “Money Matters: SB-10 Scholarship Program Gives New Hope"

An article in ADDitude Magazine called “My Son's Very Special Education” explains the history of the Orion School.

Read an article about the Orion School in the Atlanta Intown Paper called ‘Outdoor Classroom Puts Students in Touch with Nature’.

11Alive News came to profile a visit from young actress Danielle Soibelman from "Shrek The Musical" April 26, 2011

Listen to Karen Powell's radio show Education Forum on The Orion School. February 17, 2010

Local artist Jonathan Chang (pictured left) donated his time and talent to work with our students to create an interpretive mural representing Orion for our multipurpose/after school space.



The Orion School is a member of the Georgia Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children (GAPSEC)  
The State Board of Education has approved The Orion School to participate in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program  

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