Dear Orion School Friends and Family,

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to reduce your Georgia tax liability and support the Orion school at the same time thanks to a new law passed in 2008 – Georgia HB 1133.

Contribution amounts are limited by tax filing status:

Individual filers: $1,000
Joint filers: $2,500
C-corps: 75% of Georgia tax liability

We have selected the Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund as our partner to take advantage of HB1133. If you need help with a scholarship, but you don't have time, and not confident in their abilities, you can turn to letter writing services, where you can get a lot of support in your desire. After all, how you are "seen" in the letter will greatly affect whether you are chosen: your knowledge, your desires and aspirations - all these are important points in the selection. The program allows you to contribute up to the maximum amount allowable and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Georgia taxes, as well as a charitable contribution on your federal return. There are only $50 million in tax credits available each year for the entire state of Georgia, so we are in a race against our independent school counterparts to secure as many funds as possible before the cap is reached.

We are looking to the Orion School community to support this program and help make it the success we know it can be. This program applies to all individuals or corporations paying GA state taxes, so you can also help by providing this information to others who might be interested in diverting some of their tax payments to The Orion School. These funds will be used to supplement our current financial aid.

Please review the enclosed materials that include more details and consider helping us in this exciting effort. If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact me or John Panessa, our representative at Apogee, at 404.419.7123 or via email at HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support of and commitment to The Orion School.


Laura Markson

Please click on the following for more information:

Apogee brochure
TPI 2010
Donation Form



The Orion School is a member of the Georgia Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children (GAPSEC)  
The State Board of Education has approved The Orion School to participate in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program  

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