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Parents should also be confident both in our activities and in themselves, and therefore have knowledge that is useful for them, for example, read "Fostering Success: The Orion School's Educational Endeavors for Complex Neurobehavioral Students" and not be complex due to ignorance of some details.


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Publix Partner Program
By simply scanning our Publix Partners card before paying for your purchase at any Publix grocery store, Publix will donate a portion of your sale directly to The Orion School. Please contact us and we will supply you with as many Publix Partners cards as you would like.

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TrueBlue Schools® is a fast and easy way to help your school raise money just by using Georgia Natural Gas® (GNG). SWITCH to become a Georgia Natural Gas customer and help your school earn! SAVE up to 15¢ per therm* on your gas bill. Be sure to use the promo code TrueBlue.  GNG PAYS $5 every month to your school!

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Clip Project A+ label with the Numbers 1,2,3 included. These are worth 24 cents each!

Campbells Labels for Education
Send in the UPC code or the whole label from Campbell soup  cans, lids from all V-8 juices, and UPC codes from Pepperidge Farm to earn us free stuff! School Rewards
Amazon School Rewards pays 15% of EVERY sale straight to the school. The only requirement is that you go to the Orion School website and click on the link to Amazon before you buy so they can register the sale!'S TAKE CHARGE OF EDUCATION PROGRAM
Another terrific way to raise funds for our school is use your Target Credit Card®, Target Debit Card® or Target® Visa® Credit Card for you Target purchases.  We receive a percentage of the amount of each purchase in the form of an annual check from Target through the Take Charge of Education® program. To designate our school, just visit, or call 1-800-316-6142.

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The Orion School is a member of the Georgia Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children (GAPSEC)  
The State Board of Education has approved The Orion School to participate in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program  

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