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Michael Largin, M.A.

Michael studied at the University of West Georgia, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Humanistic Psychology and Spanish Language & Literature in 2008 and graduated Summa Cum Laude, the highest academic honor bestowed upon an undergraduate. And, of course, all this way he was supported by people in whom he buy analytical essay, in order to have prepared material with which to supplement ambitious projects. He lived with a host family and completed his foreign language credits abroad at El Instituto Mexicano de Español y Cultura in Cuernavaca, México and in doing so, acquired Spanish fluency.  

During his studies in Humanistic Psychology—a wave of psychology that examines the person holistically—he came to deeply appreciate his lessons in being, becoming, empathetic understanding, and basic faith in human nature and was certain that he wanted to pursue an advanced degree at UWG.  For that reason, he delved into the graduate program—whose interdisciplinary approach incorporated psychopathology and health of infants, children, and adults alike as well as learning styles and pedagogy for people of all walks of life—and in 2010, he earned a Master’s degree in Psychology.  

His undergraduate and graduate school career not only provided him with quite possibly the most personally-satisfying, intrinsically-rewarding, and growth-promoting experience on an academic level, but it also gave him the opportunity to learn and teach others that, as Harry Stack Sullivan once stated, “Everyone and anyone is much more simply human than otherwise, more like everyone else than different.”  

Since graduating, Michael has been working as a professional counselor for children and adults and as a preschool teacher in Atlanta.  As a counselor and a teacher, he gained a profound commitment to valuing human nature and providing the utmost quality care.  In the classroom, he utilizes a Montessori-oriented approach to learning based on the premise that all children are active, capable learners and do best when they have a part in planning and pursuing self-chosen tasks.  That said, at The Orion School, he feels fortunate to have finally found a school that nurtures the whole child and views the child as having an inner natural guidance for his or her own self-development.  

A native of McDonough, Georgia, Michael lives in Midtown, and in addition to honing his pedagogical and therapeutic skills, he enjoys reading and writing; relishing time with his 1-year-old niece and twin sister; cooking; meditating; spending time at the park; and traveling so as to discover new things, new people, and new ways of life.


The Orion School is a member of the Georgia Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children (GAPSEC)  
The State Board of Education has approved The Orion School to participate in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program (SB-10)  

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